Command Conquer Generals Contra 009 скачать

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Command Conquer Generals Contra 009 скачать

A long awaited 009 beta release is here. Download it, test it and help us improve gameplay, balance and fix bugs. . CLICK ON «Read more. » TO SEE THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS .

Manual installation instructions for those having problems with launcher:
I want to emphasize that for these steps you MUST NOT use the Contra Launcher. Many people don’t read carefully and fail to install the mod.
1. Put all files from Contra009Beta into your Zero Hour folder (NOT the one in My Documents).
2. Rename !Contra009Beta.ctr to !Contra009Beta.big.
3. Rename !Contra009BetaEN.ctr to !Contra009BetaEN.big OR rename !Contra009BetaRU.ctr to !Contra009BetaRU.big if you want Russian language.
4. Rename !Contra009BetaVOrig.ctr to !Contra009BetaVOrig.big OR rename !Contra009BetaVLoc.ctr to !Contra009BetaVLoc.big if you want English unit voices.
5. Rename !Contra009BetaMNew.ctr to !Contra009BetaMNew.big OR rename !Contra009BetaMStandard.ctr to !Contra009BetaMStandard.big if you want vanilla soundtracks.
6. Rename Scripts folder to Scripts1 (which is located inside Data folder).
7. Start the game from generals.exe (NOT Contra Launcher.exe)!

Contra 009 BETA file

Contra is a freeware modification for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. It’s a big project started in 2004. It adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades, new general’s powers and buildings. It also adds new sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other effects, as well as three new generals.

Contra works in conjunction with mods that come with a launcher such as ShockWave, Rise of the Reds, Cold War Crisis, Vietnam Glory Obscured, Generals: Enhanced and others.

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